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    Q. Antony Amimo - Mheshimiwa,Us 'Kisumians' in Diaspora want to come back and invest our resources and funds at home for betterment of Kisumu.Hope your Govt. will make Kisumu a bet...ter place to invest in.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County For sure, we are working round the clock to ensure Kisumu is outstanding in terms of development. The County needs your input and we encourage you and many others to mobilize resources to support our dear County. We are counting on you guys, keep it up.

    Q. Lawrence Onduu - Jambo governor, your excellency, my plea to you is that u help improve the tourism potential of our county. I visited Mwanza and was impresd with the high number of tourists visiting the town majority being kenyans! L Victoria waters are so clean there. Help us exploit our full potential

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Tourism is a major item on our agenda. Lake Victoria poses a great potential for ensuring growth in the sector. We are working on a plan to ensure the environment is cleaned and the pollutants are done away with. Soon, we will have a beautiful beach front on the lake and other lake sports activities...

    Q. Haron Dede - can't we have a plan where the same fishermen are used to pull out the hyacinth from the lake and paid per kg.i.e after the weevils have done their part?

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County The general plan is to take away all the hyacinth from the Lake, and we promise you that will be done within the shortest time possible. However, you must allow us time to get this process in the right direction. Planning is the first thing in this process. Secondly, funding is a second aspect. We recently completed the budget, it needs to be approved by the assembly
    before funds are dispatched - all these call for time.

    Q. Lilian Merab Mwakio- KIsumu governor, kIndly address thIs hyacInth Issue,

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We are getting a water master to harvest the water hyacinth very soon. Also, manual removal is set to begin in a bit.... . ---April 27

    C. Lilian Merab Mwakio - i tend to think weevils biological removal works best. then the dry weeds can be cleared mechanically. this is the view of scientists who have been working on this since 2005. please seek their advice too in the hyacinth issue. thanks for your response

    Q. Rashid Mzee -- today I passed by Moi Stadium and saw that the garbage heap behind it has increased! The perimeter wall seems to have stalled! Are there any immidiate plans to prioritise such issues?

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We are working on this case. First we must find a suitable place to make a new dump site. You know that the process of land acquisition is not a day's event. Also, we are finding the most appropriate ways to dispose the garbage - an environmental impact assessment on the consequences of the scenario us we are considering are being worked on...

    C. Rashid Mzee - thanks. I hope your team will consider recycling. I was impressed in most of Europe garbage is recycled efficiently. We must stop using these black bags and each house invest on a bin as a LAW! We could also ban polythene by introducing recycled paper made localy in Kisumu. That would half the problem. Wish your team luck in all this

    C. Rashid Mzee - ah! RWANDA, the darling of recycling. It surely can be done.

    C. Lawrence Onduu - I totaly agree with Rashid. The fact that the dumpsite welcomes visitors to kisumu is an eye sore. To recycle effectively each household needs 2 bins for biodegradable and non biodegradable. With an attitude change it can work as it does in Rwanda

    Q. Paul Gol -Your Excellency am glad to note that you are actually engaging with the public. I was surprised to note that street lights in Kisumu are not working posing a security risk. Before embarking on development kindly make the existing systems work first.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Streetlights and security are our agenda and they have been factored in the budget that we just finished working on

    Q. Bonny Xtrail - boss street lights on kisumu streets are not functioning...jatelo am concerned

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Most certainly. All stakeholders ave a place in the governance of this county. I pray and hope that you are equal to the task.

    Q. Daniel Okweh - Dear Governor, we have a serious crime wave in Lolwe estate which is of daily occurrence, these people only target electronics, what is your Government doing to sort out the issue since people now live in fear

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County I am very sorry for the people who have lost their property as a result of the thefts. We have a comprehensive long term plan for solar street lighting. In the meantime, we are liaising with the security forces to intensify patrol in the area. May 17

    Q. Yuor Node - Where are your offices located am having a hard time tracing them in kisumu?

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County My office is located on the 2nd Floor of PCs Building aka Mugoya, opposite Central Bank - Kisumu. You are highly welcome

    Q. Wilhelm Otieno - Your Excellency, no plans for ICT Development in Kisumu?? Not even an ICT Cabinet Secretary for Kisumu? May 14

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Thanks Wilhelm Otieno for your concern, there are great plans for ICT development in our County; Communication, Planning & development are very key and we know Mr. George Ongaya will move us miles in that area if we support one another. May 16

    Q. Oiko Joh is true that you are taking too long to start working,we want to see you work,for that is why we elected you,hoping that you will deliver,we want to see real growth in Kisumu county.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Mr. Oiko,my team has hit the ground and very soon, you will see the results though we're hardly two months in office. Besides, every leader has their style of work; watch this space. May 16

    Q. Rashid Mzee - Dear Sir, I need some clarification on various issues.
    1. Which office is in charge of the council (is it a council any more) and by extension revenue collection?
    2. What are the estimated collection targets for 2013/2014 financial year what are your [plans on managing the collected funds?
    3. Have you sealed any revenue collection loopholes since you came into power? What did you do?
    Any helpful links on delivered work will be highly appreciated.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Mr. Rashid, thanks for your concerns. We have a County Government and as you know, the Council is among departments that are in the process of being restructured to include a City Manager in place of the Mayor. The County budget is still being discussed by the relevant committee at the County Assembly and we hope to have it finished on soon. Lastly, fighting corruption is one of our major agendas but we need the goodwill of all us in order to accomplish this. May 16

    Q. Barack Opondo - what are your plans regarding water harverting now that we are faced with floods,and in the next few months we shall begin to experience long spell of droughts

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We have mentioned that we are in negotiations with the Governor of Kericho and we plan to build a dam at the border of Kisumu and Kericho to tap on the rainwater that often cause flooding in the county.

    Q. Abdul Marouane - mr governor employment muhimu youths tunalia.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County I agree! I have made numerous advancements towards the purpose of job creation. One of which is the creation of an enabling environment for entrepreneurship. We are convincing investors that Kisumu is the place to invest in. We are looking at opportunities for increased production in our agricultural lands as well as developing market plans and destinations for our products. In addition, we have made contacts with investors who have promised to invest in agro-processing. These are avenues that will create opportunities for both formal and self-employment in large numbers. Other sectors we are focusing on include tourism, industrialization and technology. What we need from the people of Kisumu is patients and confidence in the processes. We need to be responsible and give the investors the impression that Kisumu is a safe place for investment - I can only do so much towards that regard, but ultimately, how you talk and behave on the streets will be assessed by the potential investors as they do their feasibility study. It is their finding on the ground that will determine their decision making. Perhaps we all need to undergo a personality evolution. Play your part as I play mine. Regards.

    Q. Wuod Nya Yogo- hello governor, what plans do you hav for the rice farmers particularly ahero rice scheme?
    I suggest we use these farms for both production of rice and maize

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We have plans to increase production and to provide marketing and storage. We are considering avenues for value addition so as to increase the value and marketability. Share your ideas if you have any.

    Q. Edward Omondi Ogada - Congratulation Governor.We have one of the largest irrigation scheme in the country,Ahero which can produce enuogh rice to feed the people of Kisumu county and the whole country.Kindly revamp the scheme and address myriad problems rice farmers are facing.Thank you and all the best.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We are working on that. Give it just some little time...
    April 27

    Q. Dorothy HA Onyango Agenda no. 1 CLEAN UP KISUMU .

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Sure. It'l be done
    April 27

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County In this dialogue. cleaning the city is a priority of our government. we must of course plan well before execution, so please give some time to see results in this area. also share your thoughts on how best we can do these thongs - don't forget the aspect of humanity in the process.We appreciate you contribution

    Q. Ras Onyawizzoh Nyawito Isaac - Th upgrading of Moi Stadium Kisumu should be hastened, as reliable sources put it that Kenya has been okayed to host African Cup Of Nations. That will bost business for both the county (in terms of revenue) n the small business ppl in Kisumu. Think about it.
    A. Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Noted with appreciation.

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