Monday, 5 May 2014

Kisumu's long forgoten stadium in Obunga

'Obunga sports complex ' is a big playing ground found in Obunga area of Kisumu city.The ground forms part of  what once used to be the Kenya breweries LTD's complex- now closed down.

The ground has a standard football pitch,&changing rooms. It's  also surrounded by a high perimeter wall & can only be accessed from the outside through a single gate entrance...making it suitable for hosting events whose entrance  requires one paying... or to have an invitation.....

 One interesting thing about the existence of this sporting facility ,is that ,despite  it having been around for a long time since it was built in the eighties ,most Kisumu residents have no idea about its existence, & thus , not surprising  have never thought of using the ground as a venue to host events.


New gate ,lighting, toilets, seats. water, etc - The concerned authorities  really need to work on having these in place inorder to make the grounds more attractive to more people.


The construction of the new road by pass , which  passes right in front of  the facility, has made reaching it by car the more easier.

Presently, youths, mostly from Obunga use the facility as a training ground  for football -mostly.

  It's  time  Kisumu rediscovered 'Obunga sports complex .

Saturday, 3 May 2014

A new factory building & new road by-pass coming up beside each other in Kisumu

Kisumu Newsinfo's photo.
Kisumu Newsinfo's photo.

A new factory building & new road by-pass coming up beside each other in Kisumu ( in the area laying between obunga & Bandani ) as both undergo construction simultaneously.