Friday, 31 May 2013

Nyanza PC orders the removal of banner placed by the governor at the provincial HQ

Nyanza provincial commissioner Francis Mutie ordered the removal of a banner placed by the governor at the provincial headquarters.

Governor Jack Ranguma on Wednesday evening plucked the former sign that read “provincial headquarters” and placed a new sign.

Ministries’ staff hosted by the building were surprised to wake up to a change of the building’s name from “Provincial Headquarters” to “Prosperity House

New Sh1.6b estate for Kisumu city

New Sh1.6b estate for Kisumu city

New Sh1.6b estate for Kisumu city


: The People

By Dickson Odhiambo
Kisumu County is set to witness its first major boost in the real estate industry which is expected to be highly beneficial to the residents. The Kisumu Real Estates Company has stepped in with a flexible and affordable approach to land acquisition and housing construction within a well planned environment. They have unveiled the first postelection housing development within the region, dubbed New Milimani West.
Speaking to Property Weekly, Kisumu Real Estates director Wycliffe Abok says Milimani West is a new concept born out of the need for affordable housing in the western Kenya region. “Milimani West will now be a development of 378 plots all measuring 0.02 hectares each, located on 60-acres in Kisian/ Kapuonja within Kisumu West Constituency,” says Abok.
The director says the entire project will cost Sh1.6 billion in all the four phases during its implementation. Situated 10km from Kisumu City centre and 500 metres off the tarmac highway at Kisian Railway Crossing on Kisumu- Maseno Road, the estate involves four phases, all with different unique features.
Phase One is located at the foot of a hill, with a house design for three bedroom masionnetes, parking for three vehicles, a kitchen garden and front garden. Phase Two has similar features but what makes the difference is that the house design is for a four-bedroomed massionette located on the lower part of the slope with a beautiful view of Lake Victoria and Kisumu Town, Abok explained.
He says on the upper part of the hill where the land has been identified will be built Phase Three, with a similar house design to Phase Two but with more space allowance due to the nature of the terrain. This phase offers a clear view of the lake, Kisumu town and parts of Kisumu International Airport. Abok says Phase Four is the most lucrative, situated on the upper part of the slope and plateau of the hill.
The house design consists of a four-bedroomed luxurious massionettes, with parking for four vehicles, a kitchen garden and a front garden. “Tthe houses will be built on three levels, ground floor, first floor and an attic for the master bedroom which will enjoys a complete panoramic view of Kisumu City, Kisumu Airport, Lake Victoria and the surrounding beautiful hills,” he notes. The project is a controlled development within a scheme approved by the County Council of Kisumu.
Each plot will have a title deed and is acquired as a fully serviced product. He says a purchase package includes the cost of the plot, title, house designs, architectural and structural drawings, bills of quantities, roads access, piped water, sewer line services with a waste digester and a common perimetre security fence wall. Amenities will also include a school, a shopping mall, resort, sports ground and four swimming pools. Kisumu Real Estates was started three years ago to specialise in property for sale, land and plots for sale within Kisumu County.
The company has been keen to satisfy the needs of those on a tight budget by availing affordable yet still very valuable land and properties whether for purchase or rental. The firm is providing land to clients for the various phases. Under Phase One, 0.02 hectares is going for Sh65,000 and the highest is Sh250,000 after which buyers are expected to build according to the firm’s architectural plans. Sections of land have also been sold out in other phases in readiness for development.
“Our main aim is to attract investors ready to invest more than Sh2 billion”. He says the firm has engaged financial institutions to help in loaning clients interested in the project. “For our part, we will provide clients with roads, sewer lines, water and electricity as well as ensuring that the estate is secure,” he adds. Abok says the idea of the Mlimani West was mooted two years ago with an aim of targeting the lower and middle income earners who have interests in putting up their investments in real estates. The project was officially launched by Kisumu businessman, Mr Abdul Omar last weekend and construction work expected to begin in first week of June.

": A Look At United Millers Limited Kisumu ~ Local Busines".

PHOTO KISUMU This is how Nyamasaria Interchange now under construction will look like upon

NEWS Assembly approves Kisumu County Executive Committee

Kisumu County Assembly has approved all the ten Executive Committee members nominated by the governor.
The 35-member County Assembly adopted the list of the nominees presented to them after the appointment committee presented its report after vetting the candidates.
The three-day vetting process started on Monday and ended on Wednesday.
The list however was not approved without hitches that drove the approval to be done through a division in the Assembly.
The appointment committee had rejected two out of the ten nominees; Executive Member for Industrialisation, Enterprise Development and Transport, Hanif Rana and Member for Communications, Planning and Development, George Ongaya.....


247,000 visitors visited KWS - Kisumu Impala Sanctuary in 2012

 The Nairobi animal orphanage received the largest number of visitors in 2012 compared to all National Parks and Reserves in Kenya

1.The Nairobi animal orphanage  474,600 visitors

2.Lake Nakuru National Park   253,500 visitors

3. KWS - Kisumu Impala Sanctuary   247,000 visitors

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

NEWS Vetting team rejects Kisumu Energy nominee

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY JUSTUS OCHIENG

KISUMU governor Jack Ranguma suffered a setback after his executive secretary nominee Barrack Abonyo was axed by the vetting committee for failure to produce his academic certificates.
Ranguma nominated Abonyo for Water, Energy and Natural Resources two weeks ago.
On Monday, Abonyo with two nominees Joseph Omulo Okal (Treasury) and Rhoda Obadha (Environment) appeared before the committee chaired by Kisumu assembly speaker Anne Adul.
Abonyo’s nomination was rejected by the speaker after he failed to produce his undergraduate certificate from Kenyatta University.
Abonyo could only produce a clearance form from the institution as proof of obtaining his degree from the University but the speaker rejected his plea.
Adul said a clearance form could not be used as an authentic document of study.
Adul took issue with Abonyo's failure to produce an original copy of his Master's Degree.
“We have issues with Abonyo’s clearance form from the Commission of Higher Education and propose further investigation,” said Adul.
The speaker allowed Abonyo to reapply for the position and produce original certificates and other relevant documents.
Abonyo’s failure to provide the documents put Governor Ranguma on the spot as queries emerged on whether Abonyo’s documents had been verified before he was named as the executive secretary.
Some residents said Ranguma may have just rewarded Abonyo with the position after he (Abonyo) stepped down for him in the gubernatorial race.
An elder, Oruko Jakang’o, who attended the vetting wondered how Abonyo, who is said to be a professor, could not comply with the requirements of nomination.
“It is quite absurd that Abonyo who says he is a professor could fail to convince the vetting team at the expense of other nominees who are yet to obtain a PhD,” Oruko said.
However, activist Ogweya Jakambare faulted the speaker’s move saying it is unfair.
“I am not sure whether the vetting committee can refuse to interview but they can give their recommendations," said Western/Nyanza Civil Society Organisation network coordinator Betty Okero.
Ranguma had described Abonyo as a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology and PhD in Medical Physiology from East Carolina University.
“He has served as spokesman for the Kenya Global Unity, President of Kenya development Fund Corporation and chairman of Kenya relief organisation,” Ranguma asserted.
By the time of going to press yesterday, the committee members were holed up in a vetting process of the Health services nominee Elizabeth Ominde Ogaja.



Monday, 27 May 2013

news/ KISUMU Teachers clash with sacco officials over low dividends

A showdown is looming at a sacco in Kisumu after members threatened to withdraw over claims of funds mismanagement. The members of Kisumu Teachers Sacco have contested a divided... pay of 1.3 per cent and say they will decamp from the 5000-member revolving fund.

‘‘Imagine getting 1.3 per cent of your shares yet you have saved a total of Sh236,300 in one year. I only got Sh2,600 as dividends,’’ said Mark Onyango, a member

Kisumu allocates tourism Sh25m, courts investors

Kisumu allocates tourism Sh25m, courts investors

Kisumu County has allocated Sh25 million to tourism and listed the sector among its top priority areas.
Governor Jack Ranguma said that his office was in talks with prospective investors w...ho intend to set up four-star hotels overlooking Lake Victoria.

“Land is a critical factor in investment. The county has started a hunt for consolidated pieces of land along Lake Victoria. Investors want 80 acres to set up hotels,” he said.

Mr Ranguma said that shortage of land was hurting tourism, adding that the municipality did not reserve land for future developments. The governor



    Q. Antony Amimo - Mheshimiwa,Us 'Kisumians' in Diaspora want to come back and invest our resources and funds at home for betterment of Kisumu.Hope your Govt. will make Kisumu a bet...ter place to invest in.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County For sure, we are working round the clock to ensure Kisumu is outstanding in terms of development. The County needs your input and we encourage you and many others to mobilize resources to support our dear County. We are counting on you guys, keep it up.

    Q. Lawrence Onduu - Jambo governor, your excellency, my plea to you is that u help improve the tourism potential of our county. I visited Mwanza and was impresd with the high number of tourists visiting the town majority being kenyans! L Victoria waters are so clean there. Help us exploit our full potential

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Tourism is a major item on our agenda. Lake Victoria poses a great potential for ensuring growth in the sector. We are working on a plan to ensure the environment is cleaned and the pollutants are done away with. Soon, we will have a beautiful beach front on the lake and other lake sports activities...

    Q. Haron Dede - can't we have a plan where the same fishermen are used to pull out the hyacinth from the lake and paid per kg.i.e after the weevils have done their part?

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County The general plan is to take away all the hyacinth from the Lake, and we promise you that will be done within the shortest time possible. However, you must allow us time to get this process in the right direction. Planning is the first thing in this process. Secondly, funding is a second aspect. We recently completed the budget, it needs to be approved by the assembly
    before funds are dispatched - all these call for time.

    Q. Lilian Merab Mwakio- KIsumu governor, kIndly address thIs hyacInth Issue,

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We are getting a water master to harvest the water hyacinth very soon. Also, manual removal is set to begin in a bit.... . ---April 27

    C. Lilian Merab Mwakio - i tend to think weevils biological removal works best. then the dry weeds can be cleared mechanically. this is the view of scientists who have been working on this since 2005. please seek their advice too in the hyacinth issue. thanks for your response

    Q. Rashid Mzee -- today I passed by Moi Stadium and saw that the garbage heap behind it has increased! The perimeter wall seems to have stalled! Are there any immidiate plans to prioritise such issues?

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We are working on this case. First we must find a suitable place to make a new dump site. You know that the process of land acquisition is not a day's event. Also, we are finding the most appropriate ways to dispose the garbage - an environmental impact assessment on the consequences of the scenario us we are considering are being worked on...

    C. Rashid Mzee - thanks. I hope your team will consider recycling. I was impressed in most of Europe garbage is recycled efficiently. We must stop using these black bags and each house invest on a bin as a LAW! We could also ban polythene by introducing recycled paper made localy in Kisumu. That would half the problem. Wish your team luck in all this

    C. Rashid Mzee - ah! RWANDA, the darling of recycling. It surely can be done.

    C. Lawrence Onduu - I totaly agree with Rashid. The fact that the dumpsite welcomes visitors to kisumu is an eye sore. To recycle effectively each household needs 2 bins for biodegradable and non biodegradable. With an attitude change it can work as it does in Rwanda

    Q. Paul Gol -Your Excellency am glad to note that you are actually engaging with the public. I was surprised to note that street lights in Kisumu are not working posing a security risk. Before embarking on development kindly make the existing systems work first.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Streetlights and security are our agenda and they have been factored in the budget that we just finished working on

    Q. Bonny Xtrail - boss street lights on kisumu streets are not functioning...jatelo am concerned

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Most certainly. All stakeholders ave a place in the governance of this county. I pray and hope that you are equal to the task.

    Q. Daniel Okweh - Dear Governor, we have a serious crime wave in Lolwe estate which is of daily occurrence, these people only target electronics, what is your Government doing to sort out the issue since people now live in fear

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County I am very sorry for the people who have lost their property as a result of the thefts. We have a comprehensive long term plan for solar street lighting. In the meantime, we are liaising with the security forces to intensify patrol in the area. May 17

    Q. Yuor Node - Where are your offices located am having a hard time tracing them in kisumu?

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County My office is located on the 2nd Floor of PCs Building aka Mugoya, opposite Central Bank - Kisumu. You are highly welcome

    Q. Wilhelm Otieno - Your Excellency, no plans for ICT Development in Kisumu?? Not even an ICT Cabinet Secretary for Kisumu? May 14

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Thanks Wilhelm Otieno for your concern, there are great plans for ICT development in our County; Communication, Planning & development are very key and we know Mr. George Ongaya will move us miles in that area if we support one another. May 16

    Q. Oiko Joh is true that you are taking too long to start working,we want to see you work,for that is why we elected you,hoping that you will deliver,we want to see real growth in Kisumu county.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Mr. Oiko,my team has hit the ground and very soon, you will see the results though we're hardly two months in office. Besides, every leader has their style of work; watch this space. May 16

    Q. Rashid Mzee - Dear Sir, I need some clarification on various issues.
    1. Which office is in charge of the council (is it a council any more) and by extension revenue collection?
    2. What are the estimated collection targets for 2013/2014 financial year what are your [plans on managing the collected funds?
    3. Have you sealed any revenue collection loopholes since you came into power? What did you do?
    Any helpful links on delivered work will be highly appreciated.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Mr. Rashid, thanks for your concerns. We have a County Government and as you know, the Council is among departments that are in the process of being restructured to include a City Manager in place of the Mayor. The County budget is still being discussed by the relevant committee at the County Assembly and we hope to have it finished on soon. Lastly, fighting corruption is one of our major agendas but we need the goodwill of all us in order to accomplish this. May 16

    Q. Barack Opondo - what are your plans regarding water harverting now that we are faced with floods,and in the next few months we shall begin to experience long spell of droughts

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We have mentioned that we are in negotiations with the Governor of Kericho and we plan to build a dam at the border of Kisumu and Kericho to tap on the rainwater that often cause flooding in the county.

    Q. Abdul Marouane - mr governor employment muhimu youths tunalia.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County I agree! I have made numerous advancements towards the purpose of job creation. One of which is the creation of an enabling environment for entrepreneurship. We are convincing investors that Kisumu is the place to invest in. We are looking at opportunities for increased production in our agricultural lands as well as developing market plans and destinations for our products. In addition, we have made contacts with investors who have promised to invest in agro-processing. These are avenues that will create opportunities for both formal and self-employment in large numbers. Other sectors we are focusing on include tourism, industrialization and technology. What we need from the people of Kisumu is patients and confidence in the processes. We need to be responsible and give the investors the impression that Kisumu is a safe place for investment - I can only do so much towards that regard, but ultimately, how you talk and behave on the streets will be assessed by the potential investors as they do their feasibility study. It is their finding on the ground that will determine their decision making. Perhaps we all need to undergo a personality evolution. Play your part as I play mine. Regards.

    Q. Wuod Nya Yogo- hello governor, what plans do you hav for the rice farmers particularly ahero rice scheme?
    I suggest we use these farms for both production of rice and maize

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We have plans to increase production and to provide marketing and storage. We are considering avenues for value addition so as to increase the value and marketability. Share your ideas if you have any.

    Q. Edward Omondi Ogada - Congratulation Governor.We have one of the largest irrigation scheme in the country,Ahero which can produce enuogh rice to feed the people of Kisumu county and the whole country.Kindly revamp the scheme and address myriad problems rice farmers are facing.Thank you and all the best.

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County We are working on that. Give it just some little time...
    April 27

    Q. Dorothy HA Onyango Agenda no. 1 CLEAN UP KISUMU .

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Sure. It'l be done
    April 27

    A. Jack Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County In this dialogue. cleaning the city is a priority of our government. we must of course plan well before execution, so please give some time to see results in this area. also share your thoughts on how best we can do these thongs - don't forget the aspect of humanity in the process.We appreciate you contribution

    Q. Ras Onyawizzoh Nyawito Isaac - Th upgrading of Moi Stadium Kisumu should be hastened, as reliable sources put it that Kenya has been okayed to host African Cup Of Nations. That will bost business for both the county (in terms of revenue) n the small business ppl in Kisumu. Think about it.
    A. Ranguma - Governor Kisumu County Noted with appreciation.

    @Kisumu Newsinfo
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news updates


- A Real estate agent was tody charged in a Kisumu court for defrauding the public money by promising to sell them plots.

- Vetting of the 10 members kisumu county cabinet (by county reps) got under way today.

- Several people sustained serious injuries this morning in an accident, after a Nairobi Bound Bus Overturned on Kisumu - Awasi highway at Nyangoma

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kenya: Witnesses Describe Kisumu Killings by Police

by Human Rights Watch

Used Live Ammunition, Tried to Cover Up Evidence

(Nairobi) – The Kenyan authorities should promptly investigate and prosecute those responsible for shootings by the police in Kisumu on March 30, 2013. Five people died and at least twenty-...four were injured.

The shootings occurred in the wake of demonstrations against the Kenyan Supreme Court ruling on March 30 upholding President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election victory on March 4. Human Rights Watch interviewed witnesses, civil society leaders, and government officials about the violence.

“Not only did the police open fire on protesters in Kisumu on March 30, but it seems they tried to conceal the evidence and intimidate the victims,”said Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director.“It looks like the Kisumu police tragically haven’t learned any lessons from the last time they opened fire on protesters.”

During the violence that followed the 2007 presidential election, police used live ammunition unnecessarily against scores of protestors in Kisumu, killing 115 people. The killings were never adequately investigated or prosecuted.

Human Rights Watch research indicates that on March 30 the police used live ammunition when trying to control crowds in Kisumu, including groups that were not part of the riots, killing at least five people by that evening.

While some media reports have suggested the number of injured could be higher than 24, the exact number was difficult to establish because people were afraid to come forward. Human Rights Watch heard from multiple credible sources, including people who were shot and injured, family members of victims, and members of civil society, that fear of police reprisals prevented some people from seeking medical treatment at the hospital or even taking the bodies of their dead relatives to the mortuary.

Kisumu, the capital until 2012 of what was Nyanza province in western Kenya, was under heavy security leading up to the March 4 elections and the Supreme Court decision. Kisumu county is considered a stronghold of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kenyatta’s closest competitor for the presidency. Tensions increased in Kisumu in the period leading up to the court ruling and some youth supporters of Odinga reacted violently to the Supreme Court judgment.

Kisumu’s Kondele and the neighboring Nyawita settlement areas were the epicenter of unrest after the court decision. Demonstrators barricaded roads, burned tires, and looted shops. Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that police simultaneously used rubber bullets, teargas, and live bullets. They also kicked, slapped, and whipped with sticks and batons anyone who crossed their path, irrespective of whether they were participating in violence.

At around 6 p.m., witnesses told Human Rights Watch, police shot into the crowd in Kondele, killing Joseph Ongor, outside the Lake Breeze Hotel. The killing appeared to escalate the tensions and demonstrators began throwing stones at the police.

Witnesses said that, just moments later, police shot a 27-year-old male passenger on a motorcycle taxi at the Kondele overpass on his way home. He died that night in Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital. Police told Human Rights Watch that a man was killed at Kondele overpass during riots but said it was not clear whether the police were responsible.

Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that demonstrators in Nyawita also barricaded roads and burned tires, but witnesses and local civil society officials said that the protesters dispersed after police shot a woman who was washing utensils outside her house, killing her instantly.

Tension began in the early morning of March 30 at Kibuye market, along the road to Kakamega, with people congregating in small groups to discuss the expected court decision, and then later the decision itself. But the crowds in the market area did not become violent, witnesses said, and dispersed after an order by police traveling in a truck from the town center to the riot area in Kondele.

However, police who got out of the truck around Kibuye market that evening shot and killed two other people, witnesses told Human Rights Watch. They said the police started firing teargas to disperse people but also fired live bullets into groups of people. The police shot and killed a woman who was selling second-hand clothes in the market and they shot a carpenter in the back as he was closing down his shop. Police told Human Rights Watch that they were only aware of the death of the carpenter, for which they said police have not taken responsibility because the killing was still being investigated.

All evidence indicates police used excessive force in violation of Kenyan and international law. All killings and injuries should be investigated immediately and those responsible held to account.

Kenyan security forces should abide by the United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials. The principles call upon law enforcement officials to apply nonviolent means and to use force only when strictly unavoidable to protect life. The principles also require governments to ensure that arbitrary or abusive use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials is punished as a criminal offense under their law.

A Kenya Red Cross volunteer told Human Rights Watch that, by 9 p.m. on March 30, he had counted 14 patients with gunshot wounds at the Jaramogi Hospital. Patients continued to arrive throughout the night, although the hospital authorities, citing fear of possible reprisals from police, declined to confirm the exact number admitted. At least three other people with gunshot wounds were admitted to Kisumu District Hospital. A civil society organization in Kisumu said it assisted another three people in Ahero and four in Homa Bay who had gunshot wounds and were not admitted to either of the two hospitals.

Relatives of victims and human rights defenders in Kisumu said that anyone who went to hospital with gunshot wounds that evening was arrested by police, scaring away some of the injured who might otherwise have sought medical treatment.

Witnesses and local activists told Human Rights Watch that police tried to conceal evidence of the shootings by confiscating the bullets from the wounded and threatening injured patients with arrest. Credible sources told Human Rights Watch that police cleared up bullets from the streets and tried to force hospital staff to hand over the bullets removed from shooting victims.

The National Police Service Commission should independently investigate the conduct of police in Kisumu, especially in the face of indications that police used excessive force.

“The arrest and intimidation of patients and medical staff raises serious questions about police conduct in responding to the civil unrest in Kisumu,” Lefkow said. “Police efforts to confiscate bullets and deny the real number of deaths and injured people suggests a cover-up.”

Police Shooting Victims Describe Hospital Arrests, Cover-Up, Intimidation
A man who was shot in the abdomen in Kondele while seeking to buy timber told Human Rights Watch that he escaped the hospital after he heard the police pressuring medical staff to turn over bullets retrieved from the wounded.

“I could hear police demanding the bullets from the doctors, who were reluctant to give them,” he said. “I sneaked out of the hospital when I suspected police were going to arrest me. Later I heard that all those who were found with bullet wounds were arrested from the hospital that night.” The man is now in hiding and has not been able to access medical treatment for fear that he will be arrested.

Another victim told Human Rights Watch that while he waited for three days at Jaramogi Hospital for an operation to remove a bullet from his head, police pressed medical staff to hand the bullet over to them once it was removed, but that doctors were reluctant to do so. When a Kisumu politician visited the hospital and demanded the bullet as proof of police brutality, police ordered the transfer of the patient to another hospital, almost 200 kilometers from Kisumu, and placed the victim under heavy security for two weeks in the new hospital, pending the removal of the bullet.

Police also arrested some people with gunshot wounds and removed them from the hospital. Together with those who were arrested in a police operation in the town two days after the riots, they were charged in a Maseno Magistrate’s court, 30 kilometers from Kisumu, with “robbery with violence.” Credible sources told Human Rights Watch that 43 people were charged this way, but just two have been able to raise the hefty bonds of up to one million Kenyan shillings (US$12,000) for their release.

One of those arrested at the hospital and charged with “robbery with violence” was a man whose name was given only as Mr. Otanda, who had not participated in the demonstrations, but was shot and admitted to the hospital just before midnight on March 30. He was arrested at the hospital the next day. “They did not even give him time to heal and yet he was not even part of the riot,” said a civil society official. He is still being held at Kodiaga Prison because he could not raise a one million shilling bond.

The Police Response
The exact number of those killed is not clear. Human Rights Watch research indicates that five people died from police shooting, but provincial police officials told Human Rights Watch that there were only two deaths: the 27-year-old man at the Kondele Flyover and the carpenter in Kibuye market.

In an interview with Human Rights Watch, the police commander who was in charge of police in Kondele area on March 30 said, “These are the only two people who died and police headquarters have instituted investigations into the cause of death. We are not aware of anyone who suffered gun injuries because no one has reported to us. We cannot investigate gun injuries unless someone has reported a case.”

A senior Criminal Investigations Officer in Nyanza region also insisted that just two people had died and that no one had gun injuries: “Police are investigating two deaths which occurred during the riots. We have opened two files. We do not know whether it is the police who shot them or someone else who did it. We cannot say there were people with gun injuries because we have not received any reports.”

Kisumu residents and some members of civil society organizations say that police had a “shoot to kill” order. “The boys in Kondele said they overheard police say they were going to shoot a few just to teach people in Kisumu a lesson,” one human rights activist in Kisumu told Human Rights Watch. A youth in Kisumu said police shouted at them: “We forgave you people in Kisumu during the 2007-2008 violence. This time we are going to teach you a lesson.”

Police have denied the allegation but concede that some police officers were armed with live bullets. The officer who commanded police during the riots in Kondele told Human Rights Watch: “The police were in riot gear and had guns for firing rubber bullets and blanks. But during riots we have an armed party. The armed party usually has live bullets. You cannot go to a riot situation with just rubber bullets and you are facing very dangerous groups. Live bullets can be used.”

But evidence suggests that, despite denials to Human Rights Watch, the police were aware that scores of people had sustained gun injuries in the violence. A senior official at the Jaramogi Hospital told Human Rights Watch that police later wrote to the hospital to ask for a full list of those who had been admitted there with gunshot wounds and injuries from police beatings following the riots and the hospital complied.
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

PEOPLE Hanif Rana Kisumu County Govt Cabinet Nominee

Hanif Rana Kisumu County Govt Cabinet Nominee

has vast experience in ICT was nominated to the industrialisation, Enterprise, Development and Transport docket

PEOPLE - Dr Rose Kisia Omondi Kisumu County Govt Cabinet Nominee

 Dr Rose Kisia Omondi - (Commerce, Tourism and Heritage)

Dr Kisia who recently vied for women representative post in the county has been nominated as the Executive member of Commerce, Tourism and Heritage.
... She is a holder of PhD in Management (Tourism) from the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, and MBA from University of Whales, UK and a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Nairobi.

She is a lecturer at the Department of Marketing and Management Sciences at Moi University’s school of Business and economics.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

NEWS/ KISUMU Police nab two suspected robbers

news24 By Oduor Omondi

Police in Kisumu Tuesday evening intercepted two people armed with crude weapons and police uniforms at Kombewa.

The suspected robbers were intercepted in a 14-seater Nissan matatu travelling from Bondo to Kisumu.

They were in possession of a machete, pair of shears, hand cuffs and police uniforms in a bag. The hand cuffs were hid...den in a shoe polish tin.

Kisumu District Criminal Investigation Officer (DCIO) Henry Ndombi who was heading the operation said they have received numerous complains regarding the suspects.

“The suspects are known criminals who execute criminal activities in Bondo and Kisumu,” said Ndombi, adding that they were on another mission before the ambush.

Ndombi said they laid a trap after they were given the number plate of the vehicle the suspects were travelling in.

He said the two were part of a group responsible for a series of crimes in Kisumu.

The DCIO said the suspects usually queue in the banking halls like other customers looking for vulnerable people who might be depositing or withdrawing large amounts of money.

They then follow them outside where they kidnap and rob or force them to withdraw the money from the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

According to an eye witness, passengers of the vehicle were ordered out of the vehicle and all men told to lie down facing the ground as the police ransacked their luggage.

The suspects are currently being held at the Kisumu Central Police Station.

Ndombi further assured Kisumu residents of their security adding that night patrols will be enhanced in the estates to stem the escalating crime in the lakeside city.

He warned members of the public against buying mobile phones from people they do not know saying the gadgets might have been used in criminal activities.
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NEWS Good news as water hyacinth clears from Lake Victoria Kisumu shores

Kisumu port has witnessed increased traffic in the last one month after clearance of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria that businessmen claimed has occasioned losses of over Sh1 billion annually.

Michael Disi, the port manager, said currently there is an average of four ships that dock per week, up from only one a month ago.
“There is about 1,000 tonnes of cargo being imported and exported per week. This is after the water hyacinth cleared last month,” said Mr Disi, adding that the exports are more than the imports.
He said two months ago, a ship would not dock as the weed inundated the area, making it impossible for ships to navigate the waters.
He said the hyacinth has moved to part of Lower Nyakach, in Kisumu, adding that in January and February only three ships docked at the port.
“The effect of the hyacinth is severe and only one vessel known as Orion would dock as it has a strong engine,” Mr Disi said of the ship owned by a Tanzanian.
The main product being exported is edible oil, with most ships being owned by Tanzanians.
Some of the exports from Tanzania include Coca Cola products from Nyanza Bottling in Mwanza and sugar from Uganda.
The port was started as a wagon ferry, over 100 years ago, but currently it is a pale shadow of itself.
Storage space
Tuesday, Disi said the port has potential for serving three ships per day, translating to 90 monthly.
Ports along Lake Victoria include Bukoba, Kimondo bay, Mwanza in Tanzania, Jinja and Port Bell in Uganda.
The facility has a store with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes, with large open storage space.


Meanwhile, businessmen in Kisumu are losing over Sh1 billion annually due to invasion of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria.
Under their umbrella Kisumu Business Association, the traders said the weed has impeded several sectors.
“The hospitality and transport industries are the most affected. The cost of doing business has also gone up,” said Aba Eban, the organisation’s secretary.
He said many products from Kisumu have to be transported to neigbouring Tanzania and Uganda through road yet through the lake is much cheaper.
Some time back, twenty boats each with an average of four fishermen were trapped in Lake Victoria, Kenya Red cross had reported.
The boats were trapped by water hyacinth along Rambira Beach in Karabondi sub-location in Rachuonyo North District.
Homa Bay was facing a serious threat by water hyacinth, a deadly weed that has covered over 100 acres in Lake Victoria. The floating mats of water hyacinth weed had severely affected fishing, navigation, drainage, water supply and power generation schemes.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

NEWS Kisumu West MP sued over Constituency Development Fund committee members’ appointment

standard By Maureen Odiwuor

Kisumu; Kenya: Kisumu West MP Olago Oluoch has been sued for interfering with the election of eight Constituency Development Fund Committee members.

Mr Phillip Ogol through his Lawyer Ken Amondi told the court that Mr Olago acted contrary to the law by appointing the members without any secondment by an officer from the CDF board.
Amondi told Kisumu High Court judge Aggrey Muchelule that the MP had contravened the County Government Act 2012.
“Section 50(g) of the law demands that a sub-county administrator who will be appointed by the county public service board will consult with the MP and CDF Manager in appointing eight out of the 25 elected members of the board,” he said.
Amondi said there is currently no County Public Service board, hence no sub-county administrator; therefore the MP had appointed the board illegally.
He said the sub county administrator will represent the public interest which will promote citizen participation on development of policies, plans and delivery of services.
In his affidavit, Ogol claimed three people complained that CDF Committee member’s election in South West ward was done on short notice of three days. The three are Edwin Oindo, Joseph Adika and Pamela Obiero.
In response, the Kisumu West CDF manager, Mr Weldon Langat’s lawyer Patrick Otieno said the Transition Authority Act supports the appointments of the board after the first election.
He pointed out that the applicant had come to the wrong court and said the CDF Secretariat tribunal was capable of handling the matter.
“We ask the court to strike off this matter because it is a waste of judicial time, since there have been complaints of backlog of cases. The matter should be taken to the CDF tribunal,” he said.
The ruling of the case will be delivered on Wednesday


Photo Dunga Beach- Kisumu

SWAN CENTRE Kisumu city

Photo: SWAN CENTRE Kisumu city  
- courtesy of David Ongowo

Individual Profiles Of The Kisumu County Executive Committee Nominee Members

1.Engineer Vincent Kodera - Physical Planning, Roads and Public Work. He  is an Infrastructural and Technology Engineer and CEO of Span Engineering Company.

2.Rhoda Ahonobadha- nominated as the Executive Member for Environment. She has held the position of Deputy National Chairperson of Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK).

3.Omulo Okal- has been nominated as the executive member of County Treasury. Omulois currently the Western Kenya Regional Manager at Family Bank

4.Dr Rose Kisia-has been nominated as the Executive member of Commerce, Tourism and Heritage. She is a lecturer at the Department of Marketing and Management Sciences at Moi University’s school of Business and economics.

5.Prof Barrack Abonyo - currently serving as an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Florida A&M University College was nominated for Water, Energy and Natural resources.

6.Elizabeth Ominde  - will serve as the Health services Executive member. She currently is the Deputy Chief Pharmacist in Kenya

7.Jenifer Kere - willbe the member for Education, Youth, Culture and Social services. She  currently been serving as Women in the FishingIndustry Programme (WIFIP)’s Executive Director

8.Dr Stephen Orot- has been nominated as the Member for Agriculture, Livestock and Public works.He had risen to be a senior Assistant Director of Veterinary Services

9.Hanif Rana- was nominated to the Industrialization, Enterprise Development and Transport docket, and has vast experience in ICT

10.George Ongaya Communication, Planning and Development
 And two directors:
1.Lorna Omuodo, an expert in renewable energy will be director of the same in the governor’s office as

2.Meshack Nyabenge directs matters of resource management.

Monday, 13 May 2013

NEWS Kisumu Governor Ranguma unveils cabinet nomin...

By Maureen Odiwuor
Kisumu, Kenya: Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma has finally unveiled his team of executive members that includes four politicians
The governor released the list of 10 cabinet members and two directors who will assist him in developing the county’s economy under the devolved government system.
Rhoda Ahonobadha, Vincent Kodera and Dr Rose Kisia lost in the ODM nominations that were held in March, ahead of the March 4 polls.
Omulo Okal who in 2007 contested for the Muhoroni parliamentary seat and did not make it has been nominated as the executive member of County Treasury.
Omulo is a holder of Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the United States International University, with an MBA in Banking and Finance from Moi University.
For over 25 years, he has developed skills in financial management, strategic marketing and planning.
Omulo is currently the Western Kenya Regional Manager at Family Bank and has previously held senior management position in the finance and banking sector at Cooperative and Diamond Trust Banks.
Ahonobadha who was among Ranguma’s competitors for the gubernatorial seat in the recently concluded general elections has been nominated as the Executive Member for Environment.
She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany and Zoology and a Master of Science in Animal Production. She has held the position of Deputy National Chairperson of Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK).
Kodera who was nominated for the Executive Member for Physical Planning and Development is an Infrastructural and Technology Engineer and CEO of span Engineering Company.
He has previously worked as Project engineer with Industrial Plant East Africa Ltd, site manager at Kenya Breweries Ltd and Project Manager at Nile Breweries Ltd in Uganda.
Dr Kisia who recently vied for women representative post in the county has been nominated as the Executive member of Commerce, Tourism and Heritage.
She is a holder of PhD in Management (Tourism) from the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, and MBA from University of Whales, UK and a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Nairobi.
She is a lecturer at the Department of Marketing and Management Sciences at Moi University’s school of Business and economics.
Prof Barrack Abonyo currently serving as an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Florida A&M University College was nominated for Water, Energy and Natural resources.
Deputy Chief Pharmacist in Kenya Elizabeth Ominde will serve as the Health services Executive member, while Women in the Fishing Industry Programme (WIFIP)’s Executive Director Jenifer Kere will be the member for Education, Youth, Culture and Social services.
Dr Stephen Orot who has risen to be a senior Assistant Director of Veterinary Services has been nominated as the Member for Agriculture, Livestock and Public works.
Hanif Rana who has vast experience in ICT was nominated to the industrialisation, Enterprise, Development and Transport docket.
Lorna Omuodo, an expert in renewable energy will be director of the same in the governor’s office as Meshack Nyabenge directs matters of resource management


NEWS Kisumu County govt Cabinet list

1. Joseph Omulo Okoth-Treasury
2.Rhoda Ahonobadha-Environment Management
3. Prof. Barack Otieno Abonyo- Water, Energy and Natural Resources
4. Elizabeth Ominde Ogaja- Health Services
5. Jennifer Atieno Kere- Education, Youth, culture and Social Services
6. Dr. Stephen Otieno Orot- Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
7. Eng. Vincent K'odera- Physical Planning, Roads and Public Works
8. George Ongaya Okoth- Communications, Planning and Development
9. Dr. Rose Omondi Kisia- Commerce, Tourism and Heritage
10. Hanif Rana- Industrialization, Enterprise Development and Transport

KISUMU Ranguma-Odinga feud to blame for Cabinet delay


DIFFERENCES between Kisumu governor Jack Ranguma and his deputy Ruth Odinga have been cited as the cause of the delay to name the County’s cabinet.
Multiple sources within the Governor’s office confided to The Star that Ranguma failed to unveil the cabinet last Friday due to feud between him and Odinga.
The sources who declined to be named said Ranguma was keen on rewarding politicians who failed in various seats within the county while Odinga insisted on technocrats maintaining that they were well placed to move the county forward.
The sources added that some area MP’s were equally unhappy with Ranguma accusing him of planning their downfall by plotting to embrace their competitors in the last elections.
Some of the politicians names likely to feature in Ranguma’s cabinet include; Rose Kisia, Ahono Obadha, Victor Nyagaya, Barrack Abonyo and McKodera. Odinga refuted claims that differences between her and Ranguma were the cause of delay to name the cabinet.
“As far as am concerned we are enjoying a cordial relationship with the Governor and are up to the task to ensure we set up a better cabinet to work for the benefit of the Kisumu people,” she said.
She pointed out that they were eying professionals whom would work for the betterment of the Kisumu County and improvement of the people’s lives



{A speech by hon Rangumu}

Kisumu County, this is what we are Doing….

Our plans for the county are immense. Food security for all, good health and education. This we plan to achieve through promoting agriculture, industrialization, tourism, and technology.


With regards to agriculture, we will strive to improve our output ...through irrigation, proper marketing of our produce and value addition. We have met with various investors and donor communities who are willing to invest in such initiatives. The embassy of Israel is particularly keen on this venture.


With regards to industrialization, we have an advantage of proximity to markets in the East African region. We will entice investors by opening up the transport potential on Lake Victoria. This will be an easy and cheaper way of exporting goods to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. We will take advantage of this opportunity and market Kisumu as the industrial hub for East Africa. We will also revive the ailing and the collapsed industries and improve their capacities to produce and market. For instance, we will make sure that we change the focus of the sugar industry from relying on sugar as a major product to a by-product. Because of the threat of their collapse, should we leave them like that by the fall of 2014 when the COMESA safeguard will be lifted, we will make sugar a speculative item. We hope to major in the production of ethanol, power, pulp and fertilizer. That way we will make our sugar a cheap by-product that we use for speculation and warding off unnecessary competition on our market front. Indeed, many investors have shown interest in this field and we are at a point of negotiating the final aspects which, we will let you know as soon as we have a final word.


As far as tourism is concerned, we hope to market Kisumu as the centre of the Western circuit. Kisumu has unique features that would be attractive to tourist. Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water Lake in the world and is endowed with unique aquaculture. Take for example, the sitatunga, a unique animal that is found only on the Lakeside. The lakefront would provide an enviable environment for leisure and recreation. Also, watersports has been a venture that is highly favoured in our plan. We are working on the modalities of ensuring that the lake is safe for such an enterprise, and as we stand right now, the Kenya Maritime Authority is helping us mark out the Lake and provide both logistical support as well as the desired expertise to ensure success with our dream. The dry dock is the second of the only two in East Africa, and we hope to make good use of it. Our final details will come out as soon as the physical planning is over. Meanwhile we have made significant advancement in our talks with potential investors and donors. The government of Netherlands is particularly keen on ensuring the tourism venture takes of. We have had numerous consultative meetings with the stakeholders in this sector, and we can assure you that they all are fully on board.


The fishing industry is a special concern for all of us. We hope to deal with the Water Hyacinth menace once and for all. Plans are underway to take away the plant through a combination of methods – biological, manual and mechanical. On 18th May, the Governor will preside over the launching of a Water Master that will be commissioned into the Lake to harvest the water hyacinth and remove it from the Lake in a hundred days. The Kenya Maritime Authority together with the Governor is spearheading this venture. Moreover, the LVEMP is spearheading the purchase of a massive Water Hyacinth Harvester, which will be placed permanently in the Lake to take care of the situation. The removal of the Hyacinth will clear the way for Lake transport, water sports and even more importantly deep-sea fishing. It will allow for the return of our favorite species – tilapia. In preparation for this anticipated overflow of fish supply, we have made arrangements to secure solar powered coolers for storing the fish. In the long run, we will build our own processing plants and strong fishermen owned cooperatives to spearhead the growth of the industry. We also have plans to introduce cage fishing and general fish farming.


Kisumu is a beautiful city whose image is marred by the gabbage that is carelessly disposed off by the roadside. We are researching on the best ways to dispose off the gabbage from our households and industries. This is high on our priority list and in the shortest time possible, we will be seeing the results. To deal with irresponsible waste disposal from industries, we are seeking to sponsor the enactment of a by-law that will put stringent measures, including but not limited to paying huge fines for any violations. We would also love to encourage investors and residents to paint their premises and residential places to give the town a facelift.


We are also keen on ensuring that there is clean and safe drinking water for all. We have established that the flooding that affects our people in Nyando, Muhoroni, Kisumu East and Nyakach are a result of rainwater from the neighbouring counties in the Rift Valley, especially Kericho. To mitigate the flooding menace, we have discovered an idea that will turn misfortune into a paradise moment. The Governor of Kericho has agreed to work with us in building a dam that will collect the rainwater before it gets to the flooding zones. This water will be stored for the purposes of irrigation, production of hydropower and even for our domestic consumption. We have also joined LVEMP in the environmental project of cleaning the rivers upstream. This is a way of reducing pollution into the lake. It will also ensure our water catchment is secure. Meanwhile, we have finalized plans with a Japanese organization to clean the water from Lake Victoria by building canals which, draw water from the Lake, cleans them up through a technology that they are advancing, distributing the water for domestic use, then purifying and returning the clean water into the Lake. So far, a site in Osiri, Nduru and Dunga have been identifies and approved. If the pilot project proves successful, we will roll it all over the county. We will increase the volume of water that is harvested from Kajulu so that is moves from 5% to 50% provider of water into the city of Kisumu. This will reduce the reliance on Lake water, which is very expensive to maintain, as the water must be pumped uphill before redistribution back into the city. Our ultimate plan is provide two lines of piped water. As is done in Israel, one pipe will be labeled blue and another red. The former will be safe drinking water and the later for irrigation. Again, you will be posted on the developments.


To cub insecurity, we have completed our plans to provide Solar Street lighting for all the major streets in Kisumu. We will extend the program to the informal areas of settlements, including Manyatta and Nyalenda. Ultimately, what will curb insecurity is the provision of employment. We hope that the plans for agriculture, industrialization, technology and tourism will create enough wealth and employment for all members of the county.

Very soon we will be launching public sensitization program on these developments, which will show you how you too can jump on board. We want to incorporate every one, you included. If you have questions, please write to us at: You may also post your concerns to the Complaints desks at the City Hall and at the Governor’s Office.

Thank you very much for your patience and support in all these. We look forward to great moments of positive interactions even as we forge ahead to build our County.
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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kisumu’s Sh5.6b Power Project Ready

thepeople Kisumu’s Sh5.6b Power Project Ready
Sondu Miriu Phase two project which is awaiting official commissioning. Photo by Dickson odhiambo
When an idea was mooted to have the first ever electricity generating power project in West Nyakach Division of Kisumu County in 1998 the local community did not fully understand the benefits. To the local community who had not had electricity in their homes, the idea of constructing the project known as Sondu Miriu hydro power under the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)was a godsend.

The Sondu Miriu hydropower Station Chief Engineer Alfred Abiero say the actual construction on the new project begun in mid 1998. Abiero says a number of things had to be done in order to pave way for the major civil works to be carried out under the supervision of the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen).
Upon the completion of the Sondu/ Miriu hydropower station in 2006, it begun operations in 2007 and in early 2009 the then Parliamentary Committee on Energy toured the area before immediate former President Mwai Kibaki commissioned it on July 24, of the same year. Since then the residents of the area at the nation at large have been enjoying power from the plant, which contributes 60 megawatts to the national grid.
Engineer Abiero says immediately after its commission, another idea was again mooted to have an additional hydroelectric power project just some few kilometers to the then newly commissioned power plant so as to help in the production of electricity using the water which were being released from the Sondu Miriu power station with an aim of minimising water waste.
“As part of the Sondu/ Miriu hydropower station, there is a new Power Plant that has been recently constructed under the second phase which is part and parcel of the Sondu Miriu as its cascades,” he says. Kengen Regional Manager in charge Western Kenya Hydros Frank Konuche says the new Sang’oro hydropower project in West Nyakach Division in Kisumu County is set to give an additional 21.2 megawatts to the national grid.
Konuche says the new hydroelectric power project, which has since been completed will give an additional 21.2 megawatts to the current 60 megawatts from Sondu Miriu hydroelectric power supply thus adding up to 81.2 Megawatts to the national grid. Speaking to Development Agenda, Konuche says the civil works and other major works’ have been completed hence awaiting official commissioning by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Konuche says the project which is phase two of the recently commissioned Sondu Mirui is currently tested and has started to generate electricity that is fed into the Sondu Mirui hydropower project transmission line for an onward use in the country. Konuche says the project has a run of- river type power station as one of the features.
Nipon Koea Construction Company from Japan won the tender for the construction of the Sh5.6 billion project funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. The Sang’oro hydroelectric power project is the phase two of the Sondu Miriu hydroelectric, which is a 60 megawatts power plant. Engineer Konuche says the new power station has a small transmission line, which joins the Sondu Miriu one after which the power is now evacuated to Kisumu’s Mamboleo KenGen power sub-station.
The Chief Engineer of the Sondu Miriu hydro power project Alfred Abiero says apart from reconstruction of schools, they have also constructed water bore holes and 18 water kiosks to various residents within the two counties who resides within the jurisdiction of the power project, which is now benefitting a total of 31,500 people. He says that a total of Sh147 million has been used towards the water project to the locals as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

Gangsters on the prowl in Kisumu

The Standard
By Mangoa Mosota

  Armed gangsters have been terrorising Kisumu residents as insecurity escalates in the lakeside city
There have been several carjackings, robberies and rapes across the town in the recent past. In the last one month, more than ten people have been carjacked and some killed.
The goons force their victims to reveal their Automated Teller Machines (ATM) pin numbers before withdrawing money from their accounts.
Others have been maimed and robbed of their valuables at gunpoint. Two women were carjacked in the posh Milimani and gang raped. No arrest has been made so far.
A banker, 31, was shot in the head and died minutes later last weekend at Gudka Estate. Mr Syanaslaus Ndeto was closing the gate after a gang tried to access the home of his friend.
“They shot him (Ndeto) in the head. He struggled to walk into the house before collapsing on the sofa,” said David Muturi, a friend of Ndeto who was forced to undress by the thugs. Muturi was beaten up and ordered to put his head in a water closet.
He said about 15 people had converged at a friend’s house to console him after he lost a child. Muturi said the gunshots outside the compound made those in the house to scale a wall with broken pieces of glasses at the top. Many were injured.
Birthday present
When The Standard visited Ndeto’s house in Migosi, his partner was distraught.
“I am devastated and do not understand why they took my husband’s life,” said Penninah Mutindi, 24.
Mutindi, who works in Mombasa, does not know how to inform their son, Raymond, about the death. “Ray keeps asking about his father and when he will buy a bicycle he promised him for his birthday,” she said.

On the same weekend, two women were gang-raped after being hijacked from Milimani at around 7.30pm. The gang withdrew money from their accounts after forcing them to reveal their PIN numbers.
The women were outside the gate of a friend when two men on a motorcycle attacked them. The thugs’ accomplices joined them and they forced the women into the boot of their car.

The victims were abandoned at Nyamasaria, about five kilometres away.
Nyanza PCIO Joseph Mugwanja said some suspects have been identified over the rape incident, and they are following crucial leads. He said no arrests have been made on Ndeto’s killers, but investigations are ongoing.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Kisumu to computerise revenue collection system

KISUMU county government is exploring the possibility of automating its revenue collection systems to prevent losses through tax collection.
Deputy governor Ruth Odinga yesterday said that the council will gain more with automation compared to the existing manual system. Officials are meeting with key revenue players to explore the possibility of computerising revenue collection systems in the county.
“This will significantly improve revenue collection because the automation will ensure accountability, reliability of data and embedded control mechanisms,” Ruth said.
She said the county government is committed to efficient service delivery. The deputy governor said that after an impromptu visit to some of the markets on a fact-finding mission, she found out that they are in poor conditions. She said they are striving to correct the situation.
“The problems encountered ranged from poor drainage systems, lack of proper sanitation, evasion by rate-payers, collusion between rate-payers and collectors and inadequate information on rate-payers,” she said. Other issues were forged receipting, duplication of receipts and diversion of funds.
Ruth attributed the inconsistency to lack of a comprehensive database on property, insufficient control systems in the collection chain and inadequate use of ICT.
Ruth said she has taken the “suspended the district revenue officer pending investigation into the alleged malpractice" after she inspected Awasi market.


NEWS One dead, 10 injured in Kisumu bus accident

One dead, 10 injured in Kisumu bus accident
nation By LILIAN OCHIENG’      
One person died and 10 others suffered serious injuries following a road accident at Awasi on the Kisumu-Nairobi road.
Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) West Kenya region assistant manager Emmanuel Owako said the victim's body was removed to the Ahero District Hospital Mortuary.
“The accident took place at around 5 am Tuesday morning and we responded immediately by carrying the victims to Ahero District Hospital, most had sustained head injuries, fractures on limbs and were later taken to Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu for treatment”, Mr Owako told Nation.
The accident involved an Easy Coach bus travelling from Nairobi to Busia. The driver lost control on reaching Awasi.The bus had 35 passengers on board.
"The accident was heightened by the fact that the Awasi road is very steep and under construction and there was a heavy downpour at the time of the accident. This worked against the driver," Western region Easy Coach Operations Manager Samuel Nyakundi said.
Mr Nyakundi said the bus rolled several times and the injured were receiving treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu.
“So far, I have been able to talk to one girl who sustained a fracture. The rest have been taken for surgery," said Mr Nyakundi.
Nyando police boss Elias Gitonga confirmed the accident saying that investigations had been launched.
“We cannot, of course, rule out the situation of the road and the heavy downpour, one sure thing is that there was no other vehicle involved in the accident, the driver just lost control," Mr Gitonga said.

Kisumu Railway Transport Set For Revamp....

Kisumu Railway Transport Set For Revamp

The economic, social and political pillars of Kenya Vision 2030 are anchored on macroeconomic stability; continuity in governance reforms, enhanced equity and wealth creation opportunities for the poor.

Kisumu is set to benefit from the Vision 2030 master plan by the region revamp its railway networks that will connect with Kisumu International Airport. The development blueprint has proposed plans to reviv...e the defunct railway line in the next 100 days after this month which will unmask the potential of the city as a hub for business in the East African Community.

An efficient rail system will be developed connecting the ports of Lake Victoria that connect to the major East African cities for enhanced trade. 75 acres of prime land owned by the Kenya Railways Corporation have plans drawn for the revamp.

The project will provide direct rail link to a variety of commercial buildings & a business park for light manufacturing & assembly points. The project also intends to put up two hotels with conference facilities to accommodate 2,000 people, shopping arcades, malls and restaurants, business outsourcing park and an ultra-modern railway station.

The Kisumu railway project will boost tourism, with the establishment of a base for cruise tourism on L. Victoria and international water sports

  Current look of Kisumu Railway Station

Photo Current look of Kisumu Railway Station

Monday, 6 May 2013

NEWS Contractor sues China firm for unpaid Kisumu airport work


China Overseas Engineering, the company that upgraded the Kisumu International Airport, has been taken to court for failing to pay Sh833 million to a company it sub-constructed.
Mehta Electricals Limited is demanding Sh524 million from the Chinese multinational for installing electric works at the airport and a further Sh309 million for work done in Juba, South Sudan.
“Despite demand and notice of intention to sue, the defendant continues to give excuses for delay and has failed, neglected, refused and/or ignored to settle the outstanding balance,” said Mehta Electricals Limited in court documents.
The South Sudan contract involved the rehabilitation of the National Assembly, Presidency building and Juba Hospital.
The two companies submitted joint bid for the upgrade of the Kisumu airport, with China Overseas being the main bidder and recipient of payments from the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).
The contract was awarded in 2008 and Mehta says part of the agreement was China Overseas was to pay it 14 days after receiving payment from KAA, which is alleged to have settled with the Chinese firm in July last year.
Mehta says the Chinese firm owes it Sh524 for the Kisumu contract after settling an undisclosed payment. Kisumu Airport was upgraded to a fully-fledged international airport with a 3.3 kilometre runway at a cost of Sh3 billion.

KISUMU Judges To Begin Poll Petitions

The People | Fair, Frank and Fearless - Judges To Begin Poll Petitions

Two judges will from Friday this week suspend the hearing of other cases and start hearing poll petitions filed at the Kisumu High Court. Justices Hilary Chemitei and Aggrey Muchelule have only five months left to dispose of the petitions before them.

Chemitei and Muchelule have two petitions each to dispose of according to the new rules. The petitions include one challenging the election of Siaya governor Rasanga Amoth filed by an unsuccessful aspirant William Oduol.
Another petition challenges the election of Nyando Member of Parliament Fred Outa filed by Jared Okello while the other one is against Kisumu West MP Olago Aluoch. The two judges have told litigants that no other cases will be heard until the petitions are dispensed with.
Muchelule communicated the same during the official opening of the offices of the commission on administrative justice last week where the chairman Otiende Amollo was in attendance. The same sentiments were echoed by Chemitei during the mentioning of various cases yesterday where he said other cases will be heard probably after September. The judge said the cases can be heard earlier if the petitions are dispensed with early enough.

Opinion: NYANZA Regional elite should focus on development, not politics

NYANZA Regional elite should focus on development, not politics

  Standard- By Ken Opalo

This week the local dailies reported that former MP Shem Ochuodho is chairing a forum of Luo professionals to lobby President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government to address development needs of Nyanza. At first look one may dismiss this as an opportunist attempt by Dr Ochuodho and his allies to get the attention of the President, who must be working overdrive to find Luo leaders he can work with in his Government. But whatever Ochuodho’s motivations are, in my view this is a step in the right direction.
I have written on these pages before that as a country we need to wean ourselves of the culture of talking, eating and sleeping politics. Incessant politicking is responsible for widening the ethnic chasms that define our country. It has also made our leaders hostage to politics and associated theatrics rather than focusing on a much needed development agenda. Perhaps nowhere else in Kenya is this more pronounced than in Luo Nyanza.

The region has been the bastion of opposition politics almost uninterrupted since 1966. As a result, the residents have not managed to convert their political clout into economic and social development. Many talk of individual leaders who have paid the price for Kenya’s second liberation, but I would argue that their constituents have perhaps paid an even higher price. Nyanza’s marginalisation has not only come from State House. It has also come from the region’s own leaders. The young man from Kisumu of the ‘donge’ fame is the embodiment of this phenomenon. His infamous emotional outburst following the Supreme Court ruling on the election petition was more tragic than comical. He appeared to have staked his very future on a particular candidate’s electoral success.

The irony of it all is that beyond the ethnic pride of having a co-ethnic in State House the young man may not have benefited much even if his preferred candidate had won the presidency. There is no evidence to suggest that his preferred leader’s lieutenants would have suddenly shifted their gaze from national politics in Nairobi to focus on local development in Nyanza. This is exactly why Ochuodho’s initiative is most welcome. For the first time, it takes attention away from Luo leaders’ fixation with politics in Nairobi and focuses it on the development needs of Luo Nyanza, which at present are multitude. But while Luo Nyanza is the epitome of this phenomenon, the propensity of politicians to ignore the development needs of their loyal constituents is not unique to the region.

All over Kenya our leaders’ desire for personal aggrandizement and enrichment in Nairobi has prevented them from attending to the needs of their people. Unwavering loyalty to particular leaders as opposed to voting on developmental performance has come at a steep price. This is shown in the relatively better developmental performance of leaders in the more electorally competitive parts of the country.

To end this abandonment of voters by leaders, President Uhuru must directly appeal to, and assure people like the young man in Kisumu – kwa maneno na matendo - that the Government is theirs and works for them. He must make sure that regions that did not vote for him do not feel left out of the new government’s development agenda. Forget Cabinet appointments, what will matter most is whether people in these regions have paved roads, running water, electricity, good schools and hospitals. Former President Kibaki showed Kenyans what their Government was capable of doing. But he failed at facilitating an equitable creation. Uhuru should strive to do better than Kibaki in this regard. If he fails he will be judged harshly, and worse, Kenya will suffer for it.
Regional elite should focus on development, not politics Opinion:

NEW- KISUMU - Oloo Denies Funds Theft Saga In TNA

TNA secretary general Onyango Oloo yesterday denied that the party is under probe over financial impropriety. Oloo said such reports appearing in a section of the media were unfounded. Addressing the press in Kisumu, Oloo said the party top hierarchy is not aware of any such probe, loss of millions from party accounts. Oloo said that such an issue could have been picked up by party director of elections if it was there at all. The official blamed those who carried the reports before verifying it with party official.
Oloo said party activities were conducted in a transparent manner during the last General Election. “The same can be tabled for public scrutiny at any time by any interested individual,” he said. Oloo said nobody was duped of cash during the elections under the guise that they would be issues with direct party nominations. He said only single candidates were issued with the same at some areas across the country. Oloo said anybody who was duped of cash over the same should come forward and launch their compalains.
Audit of accounts
Oloo said the party will carry out an audit of the expenditure by the party in the last General Election. “We want to be a party of the future and not that of elections only” he said. He said the party is all inclusive and deals with matters transparently