Monday, 6 May 2013

NEW- KISUMU - Oloo Denies Funds Theft Saga In TNA

TNA secretary general Onyango Oloo yesterday denied that the party is under probe over financial impropriety. Oloo said such reports appearing in a section of the media were unfounded. Addressing the press in Kisumu, Oloo said the party top hierarchy is not aware of any such probe, loss of millions from party accounts. Oloo said that such an issue could have been picked up by party director of elections if it was there at all. The official blamed those who carried the reports before verifying it with party official.
Oloo said party activities were conducted in a transparent manner during the last General Election. “The same can be tabled for public scrutiny at any time by any interested individual,” he said. Oloo said nobody was duped of cash during the elections under the guise that they would be issues with direct party nominations. He said only single candidates were issued with the same at some areas across the country. Oloo said anybody who was duped of cash over the same should come forward and launch their compalains.
Audit of accounts
Oloo said the party will carry out an audit of the expenditure by the party in the last General Election. “We want to be a party of the future and not that of elections only” he said. He said the party is all inclusive and deals with matters transparently