Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Integrated urban management program in Kisumu - Part of a 16/12/2009 French Development Bank (AFD) Press Release

Board of Directors meeting the 17 December 2009 : AFD deploys nearly one billion euros for emerging and developing countries.

Education and health in Benin, Congo, Togo, the Palestinian Territories and Santo Domingo, water in Burkina Faso and Comoros, vocational training in Gabon, urban management in Ghana, Kenya, and the Philippines: AFD deploys almost a billion euros to support sustainable development at its 17 December 2009 Board of Directors meeting. ...


Kenya: integrated urban management program in Kisumu

The AFD Board of Directors meeting approved the allocation of a 40 million euro loan to the Republic of Kenya for a pilot integrated urban management program in Kisumu (Kisumu Urban Project).

Kenya’s urban population represents 35% of the country’s population and rises by 4% every year. This sharp growth is uncontrolled and has considerable negative effects (pollution, segregation, informal neighborhoods, social tensions…). Kisumu is the country’s third largest city and is located at the crossroads of the main trade flows and main transport links. The city remains weakened by a high level of debt, despite catching up measures, and its human resources are insufficient and poorly qualified. One of the major challenges for the country is to integrate these different areas and improve living conditions for their inhabitants. The project includes five components: capacity building for the municipality, waste management, the rehabilitation of informal neighborhoods, market equipment and public infrastructure and equipment.


- French Development Bank (AFD)


THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF KISUMU,Tender:Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 23 no. 21m High Mast Floodlights,Closing Date:16/4/2014