Monday, 28 July 2014

German Support to Fishing in Lake Victoria

July 11th

 Today, Kenya, Israel and Germany signed a trilateral agreement aimed at protecting Lake Victoria by supporting fish farmers and creating alternative ways of fishing.
At the signing ceremony, Ambassador Peschke used the Swahili proverb “It is better to give a man a fishing–rod than to give him a fish”, to underline the importance of the project of spreading knowledge about sustainable aquaculture to improve livelihoods of fishermen.
The project aims at sustaining the fish population in Lake Victoria by supporting aquaculture instead of conventional fishing. Germany and Israel already supported an aquaculture experimental and training unit at RIAT College in Kisumu, together with a borehole and water supply system for the college. In a second phase, the trilateral cooperation will support extension services of the county governments, fish farmers and private sector in Bungoma, Kakamega and Siaya.
So far, the trilateral cooperation has reached almost 8.000 farmers providing hands-on training in the field of aquaculture. The approach does not only create jobs, but also provides fish by using fish ponds instead of catching fish from the Lake Victoria.
During government negotiations between Germany and Kenya in December 2013, Germany committed new funds amounting to EUR 9.4 million for technical cooperation in the agricultural sector. The project supporting fishing industries at Lake Victoria is part of this commitment.