Monday, 28 April 2014

KENYA~Cabinet approved the Budget Estimates for Financial year 2014/2015 ahead of the 30.04.14 deadline.


Cabinet today approved the Budget Estimates for Financial year 2014/2015 ahead of the 30.04.14 deadline. This is the 2nd Governme...nt Budget comprising comprehensive priorities and transformation Agenda for Jubilee Government.
Key among the Prioritized projects include:-

Issuance of over 3 Million Title Deeds;

Digitalization of the Lands and Company Registries to improve efficiency including creation of National Digital Register and Digital migration in KBC;

Completion of Mavoko Housing and Konza projects targeting low cost housing and slum upgrading;
Robust transformation and empowerment of the National Youth Service (NYS) and creation of youth employment initiatives at estimated cost of over Kshs.10 billion;

Huduma Centres in all Counties;
Food Security strategies including fertilizer production, Restructuring of Kenya Meat Commission (KMC), Revival of pyrethrum sector, Agriculture Development Corporation (ADC) and Milk Coolers;

Energy transformation programmes in power generation, transmission, supply including drastic reduction in cost of power and new connections all estimated at Kshs. 8 billion;

Robust strategies to support Leather and Textile sectors; development of Special Economic Zones; support to new emerging industries; and reduction in cost of doing business all budgeted at over Kshs.5.5 billion;

Prioritized Roads, Airports, Ports and other Infrastructure projects and decongestion of Nairobi junctions; Lapsett and more rural access roads all estimated at over Kshs. 51 billion,
Leasing of Medical equipment/facilities, Malaria control and vector borne and other diseases, and restructuring of NHIF at approximately over Kshs.5 billion;

Innovative strategies to enhance total full Primary Education and full Secondary Education; Laptops; TIVET; employment and phased promotion of Teachers; and increased sanitary towels and improved disposal;

Increase of cash transfer to older persons to cover over 1 million persons up from 500,000 elders;
P.P.P framework to develop numerous programmes within Lapsett; new Bomas of Kenya; KICC and COMESA Grounds Complex; ASK Show, Infrastructure in all sectors (List available to investors);
Innovative and robust strategic framework to rejuvenate tourism and market Kenya as a choice destination;

Motorcycles for all Chiefs, 1200 vehicles for National Government Coordinators County Commissioners/Deputy County Commissioners/Assistant County Commissioners and Chiefs; vehicle and aircraft leasing for security officers; forensic laboratory; Command and Control Communication, support and modernization of security and defence capabilities;

Cabinet called for an immediate decisive end to incidents of insecurity that has dented image and confidence ;

Development of 5 Sports Stadia to improve, Sports Arts and talents development. A National Lottery to be operational by July, 2014 replacing all others with proceeds in support of socio-dimensional programmes;

These measures among other strategies adopted by Cabinet ultimately seek to reduce overall cost of living, improve incomes by all Kenyans, and drastically reduce poverty and unemployment, improve security and transform Kenya’s economy, competitiveness, image and standing in the Community of Nations.

Cabinet also adopted the austerity measures following its recent Retreat that have generated over Kshs.27 billion into the Development Budget.

Cabinet called for further identification and rationalization in other areas of wastage, duplication, ambiguities and inconsistencies down to the Counties.