Friday, 26 April 2013

KISUMU Ranguma joins hands with commisioner

KISUMU Ranguma joins hands with commisioner
 KISUMU governor Jack Ranguma has said he has no problem working with the provincial administration as long as they are within their lines of operation. Ranguma said he does not fear working along with the county commissioner since their offices are constitutionally recognised.
Addressing the centenary celebrations for the National Council of Churches of Kenya in Kisumu, Ranguma said mutual working relations will only be viable if he is respected by the county commissioner.
“The constitution recognises both offices since the national government which they represent its interest in the counties controls over 85 per cent of the revenue.
“I'm ready to work with the commissioner as long as we respect the roles of every office. The two offices are entrenched in the constitution,” said Ranguma. He said his office will have parallel officers from the grassroots to work in line with the national government for the benefit of residents.
“There are things that governors will not do and are preserved for the national government. We want to ensure we work together with them,” said Ranguma.
Ranguma was speaking even as NCCK regional representative led by Bishop Joshua Koyo called for an end to squabbles between governors and commissioners at the county level. Koyo said the two arms of government should settle down for development.